Amy Parmar interiors has been working closely with clients in London and beyond for over 15 years. She consistently offers a professional, yet a bespoke personalized approach to design. By developing strong relationships with her clients, she consistently delivers exceptional, unique and luxurious interiors that are life-enhancing and beautifully presented.

Amy has always had a fascination with design, and exquisite furnishings. Her passion for interior design developed when she began styling her own properties.

amy parmar interior designer london

Harmonious Living

You’ll benefit from our unique approach which enhances the flow of energy within architectural space. This means your home could become a haven of tranquillity, peace, harmony and relaxation.

Design Approach

We start with a simple aim – to create a harmonious style and visual proportions. This means that your design will benefit from the impact of a visual focus, however subtle.

amy parmar interiors london kids bedrooms
amy parmar interiors london bedroom


Designed and refurbished a property portfolio over 15 years. Amy’s professional qualifications and training are from KLC. She has worked with GLA, US Embassy, British Airways and DHL.